Hire scrap shear


Stanley LaBounty mobile scrap shears are engineered to maximise performance, longevity and safety, with significantly reduced maintenance time. The mobile hydraulic scrap shears are suitable for scrap metal processing and demolition.

  • Increase profits by faster processing
  • Eliminate expensive burning costs
  • Reduce maintenance cost through advanced design
  • Improve safety by keeping operatives away from the job
  • High residual value from the world’s leading shear

Stanley LaBounty attachments – the choice of the professionals.


MSD saber hydraulic mobile shear specification

MSD saber scrap shear

  • 10-15% more power than competitors
  • Capable of operating at 380bar
  • Reliable, fast cycle times

Out on site

Shear power for Coleman & Company

Birmingham based specialist demolition contractors Coleman and Company were awarded the contract to demolish Didcot A power station in Oxfordshire back in March of 2012. A huge scale project which would involve the explosive demolition of the three southern cooling towers in July of 2014 and the...

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  • Primary demolition
  • Offshore decommissioning
  • Scrap processing


"The LaBounty MSD2250R from ECY Haulmark was the preferred choice of scrap shear for DSM, as we recognised it as being the best available on the market to complement our new CAT 6015B high reach machine."

Sam Kelly - Assistant site manager - DSM

"We had up until recently been running a Dudley shear for around twenty years, so the decision to purchase the LaBounty was based on the fact it would give us a top quality product and years of trouble free service."

Alan Waugh, managing director, William Waugh Recycling