"I have been so impressed with the quantity and quality of the single sized material the Rubble Master machines produce, the addition of an RM machine has added extra value to our crushing fleet. "

Robert Jackson - Director - Bennie Group

"Hawkes Group have made significant investment in new demolition attachments and OilQuick couplers in the last 12 months, we have been delighted with the service and backup we have received from the team at ECY Haulmark."

Reece Hawkes - managing director - Hawkes Group

"We recently installed OilQuick on our 30 & 38 tonne machines and is our intention to have our full fleet fitted with OilQuick in the next 12 months."

Jim Connell - managing director - Connell Brothers Ltd

"Although a costly outlay at the outset, OilQuick is proving to be one of the best investments we have made in the last few years. "

Jay Mould - managing director - J Mould (Reading)

"Obviously the initial outlay and costs installing OilQuick do work out expensive but I can already see the overall benefits on progress of current projects/contracts and their swift turnaround, it’s definitely the way forward and we will continue to update our further fleet in time to come"

Mark Doyle, managing director, City Demolition

"We had up until recently been running a Dudley shear for around twenty years, so the decision to purchase the LaBounty was based on the fact it would give us a top quality product and years of trouble free service."

Alan Waugh, managing director, William Waugh Recycling

"It’s not very often the Furukawa breakers need attention or spare-part replacement and they cause us very few problems and so offer maximum reliability. "

John McManus, workshop manager, Malcolm Construction

"We’re really happy with the performance of the RUBBLE MASTER RM60 and one of our major points for purchasing this particular machine was the back-up service available from ECY Haulmark. Whenever you need any help they’re there and there’s always a regular supply of parts in stock."

Paul Davies, managing director, PD Crushing and Recycling Services Ltd

"In September 2009 we purchased a RUBBLE MASTER RM60 and screener from ECY Haulmark to crush the hardcore, brick and concrete we brought back to the yard, saving on having to dispose of this material to landfill. We use the machine every day and it’s really had a positive impact on our business."

Derek Allen, managing director, Allen's Waste Disposal

"We have been been using the RUBBLE MASTER daily since 2004 and have been extremely happy with it; the RM70 GO! is perfect for our needs and the customer service received from ECY Haulmark has been excellent."

Mark Fraser, maintenance services manager, Swansea City Council

"Over the last 18 months I’ve audited UK contractors and assessed operators who have been using the OilQuick system from ECY Haulmark in a demolition environment. The way the system works is impressive and makes it one of the best and possibly the safest coupler systems I’ve seen in use today."

Duncan Rudall, managing director, DCS Training

"The decision to purchase the OilQuick and VTN equipment is so much easier than excavator choice. The quality and the value of the products is one thing, but the excellent service and the good working relationship with ECY Haulmark sales Manager, Steve Parker, is fantastic."

Paul Richards, managing director, Northbank Demolition

"I was invited to Norway with ECY Haulmark to see the system work in a variety of equally hostile applications and I was convinced. On my return, the order was placed and our entire fleet has been fitted with OilQuick ever since."

Paul Wells, managing director, Bond Demolition

"Does the C in ECY stand 4 Carlsberg? Would explain a lot. Good to deal with people who have good product knowledge & understand demolition."

Adrian McLean, managing director, Armac Group

"Just ordered 10th OilQuick from Steve at ECY the best demolition attachment company in the UK for sales, service & hire. 50% of my fleet now done."

Adrian McLean, managing director, Armac Group

"I have been operating plant for over 40 years and seen the latest trends come and go, but am of the opinion that the OilQuick system supplied by ECY Haulmark is invaluable for the demolition industry."

Phil Pugh, machine operator, Armac Group

"We would wholeheartedly recommend the OilQuick system we now have fitted to all AR Demolition 20 tonne and 8 tonne fleet excavators. The service provided is excellent and we look forward to continued business going forward with ECY Haulmark."

Richard Dolman, director, AR Demolition Limited

"ECY Haulmark invited us to Austria to see our RUBBLE MASTER machine being built, and once it was delivered to us, the customer service we received from them was, as always, second-to-none."

Debbie Rouget, Paul Roget Plant Hire

"Erith now have 22 excavators equipped with OilQuick, with the intention to upgrade the entire fleet as our renewal programme continues."

David Darsey, managing director, Erith Contractors Limited


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