Processing attachments

Recycling scrap metal and other materials into revenue can provide a regular income stream, in addition to reducing your waste disposal costs. Furthermore, legislation is becoming increasingly stringent and more demanding, with higher targets and higher fines for failing to appropriately manage waste materials.

Scrap metals can be classed as ferrous and non-ferrous, and both can be sheared-down into manageable sections for recycling, minimising the impact on landfill. ECY Haulmark offers a range attachments key to the processing of scrap metal, from steel shears, to magnets and sorting grapples.

Additionally, with woodland cover in the UK now around three million hectares (equivalent to 13% of the total land area), the public forest estate makes up almost 30% of total the UK’s total forest area. Techniques such as timber extraction, planting and replanting of various species and cutting roads and pathways through forests are all critical to the maintenance of UK forests, and ECY Haulmark offers a number of attachments perfectly suited to aid with these tasks, plus all the advice you could need to buy, hire or service.

Key applications:

  • Scrap metal processing
  • Forestry

What are you looking for?

Scrap shear

  • Patented 'Reversible Saber Tip'
  • Patented LaBounty forged cylinder rods
  • 'Dual Guide Slide Puck' system

Demolition sorting grab

  • Considerable gripping force
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Elite construction quality

Scrap magnet

  • Compact all-in-one unit
  • Button-touch operation from the cab
  • Swift, controlledhandling of materials

OilQuick quick hitch

  • Revolutionary cost-saving system
  • Change attachments in seconds
  • Drivers need never leave their cab

Hydraulic shears

  • Hardox construction ensures reliability
  • Speed-valve fitted to reduce cycle times
  • Excellent versatility

Crusher buckets

  • Heavy-duty recycling potential
  • High performance levels
  • Hardox construction ensures reliability

Shear blades

  • Bespoke manufacture
  • For any mobile or static shear or cutter-crusher
  • Always in stock

Rail Cutter

  • 360° rotation
  • Fully-protected cylinder
  • Reversible interchangeable blades

Decommissioning shear

  • 10-15% more power than competitors
  • Capable of operating at 380bar
  • Reliable, fast cycle times