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Bradley Demolition install the latest in on board dust suppression

Tuesday November 12, 2019

Warrington based hydraulic attachment specialists ECY Haulmark Ltd recently carried out the installation of a new innovation in on board dust suppression for Bradley Demolition on their Hitachi Zaxis 350 LC high reach demolition excavator, as well as their Zaxis 490 and Zaxis 300. All of these machines are currently at work on one of their Preston town centre contracts.  

The Dynaset HPW high-pressure dust suppression system is the most innovative dust control system for mobile machinery available on the market. It converts the power of a mobile machine into a high-pressure water mist, which can be used in demolition, crushing, recycling, quarrying and generally, wherever dust suppression is needed.

The HPW dust suppression system provides an atomised water mist, which prevents dust spreading into the environment. To achieve the maximum dust suppression performance spraying nozzles are installed onto the base machines attachment head or close to where the dust suppression is required. The mist flow can be controlled by the machine operator from inside the cab, who can select exactly how much mist is required by use of a switch/pedal and the levers.

The water to the machine can be supplied from an on board water tank, as Bradley Demolition have installed on all three machines, which allows the them to remain completely mobile at all times. Alternatively, water can be supplied to the machine via an on-site stand-alone water tank or supply.

The HPW DUST uses the power from the base machines hydraulic system and is typically installed to the base machines existing hydraulic lines. The HPW Dust system uses a Dynaset HPW high-pressure water pump, which converts the hydraulic power into high-pressure water. The water can be taken from a water tank or from a tap; the high-pressure water is pumped through lines along the machine up to the nozzles, which create the water mist. The HPW Dust can also be installed with a double dust feature. The double dust feature reduces the water consumption by providing basic dust suppression flow for continuous use and a high power flow when extra dust suppression power is required.

When watering the work site with traditional low-pressure systems like a garden hose the airflow over the large droplet prevents the dust particles from contacting the droplet. In this case, the dust particles can continue flying around them. High-pressure water mists do not affect the airflow; the dust particles come into contact with the small water droplets and fall down due to the increase in mass. 

Additional nozzles can also be fitted along any part of the boom or arm to combat additional dust created from falling concrete and debris hitting the ground.

By utilising the HPW dust system no other dust suppression equipment is required on-site. This means less emissions, lower water consumption and the HPW dust system will not wet the whole work site.

Bradley Demolition Managing Director Paul Johnson praised the system “The Dynaset HPW dust system from ECY Haulmark offers savings to the contractor, installing this system directly to my base machines has proved significantly lower in cost than investing in conventional stand-alone dust suppression equipment and proved equally effective”.

Video - Watch the system in action on site!

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