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Gilpin increase productivity with addition of OilQuick in their scrap metal division

Thursday October 24, 2019

Gilpin increase productivity with addition of OilQuick in their scrap metal division


Gilpin Demolition Group are a UK leading specialist business, offering demolition services, including rail, bridge commercial and marine projects. They also specialise in environmental services offering asbestos removal and waste treatment management. Gilpin Group comprises of three companies: Gilpin Demolition, Gilpin Environmental and Gilpin Scrap Metals.

They have been utilising the OilQuick fully automatic quick coupler systems supplied and installed by Warrington based attachment specialists ECY Haulmark on their demolition machines since 2015, equipping all their Hitachi ZX210 & ZX350 excavators with the system for ease and safety of hydraulic attachment changeover.

By adding the OilQuick fully automatic quick coupler system to the base machine and adapters to the attachments eliminates the need for running multiple machines on the same site. Various handling attachments can be automatically switched between in seconds directly from the cab, this not only increases health & safety for personnel around the site, but eliminates hydraulic hoses damage and costly repair bills and the operator can always select the correct tool for the job quickly and efficiently.

More recently, Gilpin Group turned their attention to their scrap metal division by approaching ECY Haulmark in a view to adding the OilQuick fully automatic quick coupler system to their Fuchs MHL350 materials handling machine. Gilpin operatives can now change between their 5 tine grab, waste sorting grab and magnet safely in seconds without the need to leave the cab and handle hydraulic hoses and oil. A tree shear has also been equipped with an OilQuick attachment adapter for use on this machine.

Adding the OilQuick system to these handling machines in recycling facilities speeds up the process of various jobs, which require doing around the site. Including loading balers and incoming wagons and quickly clearing areas of ferrous metals by changing to the magnet attachment and sweeping the site clear.

Whereas a standard OilQuick attachment adaptor is used on most attachments, a special pendulum adaptor has been developed in this instance to allow the 5 tine grab to move around with the required motion, in turn making Gilpin scrap metals Fuchs material handler a more productive and versatile machine than before.

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