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MTB hydraulic breakers hit the UK market

Tuesday March 03, 2020

ECY Haulmark Ltd are delighted to announce a new exclusive dealer agreement with Inan Makina to supply their MTB and MTB Proline range of hydraulic breakers into the UK market.

Warrington based attachment specialists ECY Haulmark Ltd are delighted to announce a new and exclusive dealer agreement in partnership with Inan Makina to supply their MTB and  MTB Proline range of hydraulic breakers into the UK market.

Inan Makina, was established in Turkey in 1972 by Mr Mehmet Tuscuoglu, manufacturing chisels and spare parts for a range of hydraulic breakers.

Reaching a well-deserved reputation throughout the country with their high quality products and production experience, they then became the first company in Turkey to create a range of hydraulic breakers with the MTB series in 2002. The MTB range of hydraulic breakers was founded in accordance with the opinions of its customers and the results of extensive technical studies carried out over a long period of time.

Now, operating from their modern state of the art manufacturing facility in Istanbul, which boasts over 65,000 sq metres of indoor area capacity, allowing them to maintain 10,000 tons of quality steel stocks in preparation for manufacturing their breakers, attachments and spare parts entirely in-house. Along with over 10,000 separate, spare parts for over thirty of the most popular hydraulic breaker brands across the world.     

A range of twenty two MTB hydraulic breakers models are now available in the UK through ECY Haulmark and look set to challenge the most popular selling brands currently in the market with their perfect performance and superior breaking power.

The MTB range starts at the smaller end of the 100kg MTB9 for 1-1.5 ton carriers and goes all the way through to the MTB705 7 ton model suitable for 60-100 tonne carrier machine. With the Proline range starting at the 400kg MTB45D for 3-8 ton carriers through to the 7200kg MTB705DHX for 60-100 ton carriers.

ECY Haulmark Director Richard Yarwood is delighted to have signed the recent deal and commented that after many years visiting various manufacturers around the globe that Inan Makina in Istanbul is the most impressive facility he has ever come across. Continuing “I was just blown away by the sheer scale of their operation. What really impressed besides the high quality of their breakers is that they manufacture every single component in house. The process they follow is spectacular and the quality control within the factory just remarkable. Adding MTB breakers to our product portfolio gives ECY Haulmark the capability to offer a premium breaker at an affordable price”.

ECY Haulmark now look ahead, introducing the MTB and MTB proline range of hydraulic breakers to the UK market, following several months carrying out successful on-site demonstrations with a selection of major UK demolition contractors.

Video - Watch MTB Proline hydraulic breakers at work


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