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Hydraulic High Pressure Dust Suppression - Dynaset HPW

DYNASET HPW-DUST Dust Suppression System converts the hydraulic power of a mobile machine into a high pressure water mist. It is integrated onto the base machine’s attachment head or where the dust suppression is needed to get the maximum effect. The system creates an effective high pressure dust control with optimal water consumption. High pressure water uses less water and gives better dust suppression performances with a smaller water drop size than traditional low pressure dust suppression systems.

HPW-DUST has different nozzle and pump configurations to fit all vehicles and dust suppression applications. The system can also be equipped with a Double Dust boosting system that multiplies the dust suppression power. The HPW-DUST also comes with a power washing pistol for all power washing applications.

The compact HPW-DUST is easy to install onto any mobile machine. It is suitable for demolition machinery, excavators, screeners and crushers. The nozzles of the HPW-DUST are installed either straight to the attachment head or anywhere dust suppression is needed.

The HPW-DUST Dust Suppression System uses the power from the base machine’s hydraulic system. The HPW-DUST patented piston-to-piston pump converts the hydraulic power into high pressure water. It is pumped to the carefully designed dust suppression nozzles which create the atomized water mist.

Integrating the HPW-DUST system on to a mobile machine increases the machines versatility and utilization rate. Compact system takes minimal space and is easy to use. It has a powerful dust suppression effect that binds the dust with a minimal amount of water. A smaller drop size bind more dust particles and improves the dust suppression compared to low-pressure dust suppression systems. The machine operator can simultaneously use the HPW-DUST and machines tool. The operator also has better field of view with the targeted dust control. This minimizes the need for multiple equipment and operators. It saves costs and time, enabling larger utilization of machines with less work force.

A smaller drop size bind more dust particles and improves the dust suppression compared to higher water volume dust suppression systems.

The DYNASET HPW-DUST System is eco-friendly. Water consumption is optimized to give the best dust suppression result while saving water. The small water drop mist binds the dust effectively in work sites making them safer and cleaner. It also removes hazardous PM10 dust particles from the work site.

Using the HPW-DUST there is no need for other dust suppression equipment. The work site has less emissions, no additional equipment is needed and water consumption is minimal.

Suitable for installation on demolition excavators and machinery, crushers and screeners and materials handling equipment.

Hydraulic High Pressure Dust Suppression - Dynaset HPW


  • World’s best power-to-size ratio
  • Powerful dust suppression
  • Small water drop size for better dust binding
  • Doesn’t wet the construction site
  • Minimal water consumption
  • Eliminates other dust suppression equipment
  • Easy to use and install
  • Integrated to the mobile machine
  • Cabin operated


  • Demolition sites
  • Construction sites
  • Street cleaning
  • Material handling
  • Air cooling
  • Sale
  • Dynaset HPW specification sheet
  • Video - High Pressure Dust Suppression

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High Pressure Dust Suppression - Dynaset HPW

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