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Hydraulic Vacuum Bucket - Dynaset HRVB

For vacuum and for air blow applications.

The HRVB hydraulic recycling vacuum bucket is the key to more efficient recycling and smaller waste-fees on demolition and recycling sites.

The majority of materials on demolition sites are recycled but smaller pieces of debris, such as plastics, insulator wool and soft wood planks are hard to catch with normal buckets and demolition grabs. With the new vacuum bucket, it is possible to sort the waste more effectively, which means less mixed waste.

Because the waste management fee of the mixed waste is much higher than the fee for sorted waste, the vacuum bucket could make a shrewd investment. At the same time, the environment benefits because more materials are recycled.

The bucket becomes more versatile as it also has a connector for an external vacuum hose, which can be used to catch non-recyclable debris and waste.

Hydraulic Vacuum Bucket - Dynaset HRVB

The Hydraulic Recycling Vacuum Bucket converts the hydraulic power of a mobile machine or vehicle into a vacuum for recycling applications and into air blow for cleaning tasks.



  • Provides a fast, efficient solution to picking up pieces of plastic, wood, insulator wool, and light expanded clay aggregate (LECA)
  • Provides powerful vacuum & air blow in one unit. 
  • Runs without secondary engines since they have small, integrated hydraulic motors
  • Makes efficient and fast recycling possible on construction sites and demolition sites
  • Provides environmental-friendly option since does not produce air pollution
  • Provides a fast way to pick up pieces of plastic, wood, insulator wool, and light expanded clay aggregate (LECA)
  • In addition to the powerful negative air pressure of -8 kPA HRVB Hydraulic Recycling Vacuum Bucket has other great features
  • Powerful 3,4 m3/sec max airflow
  • Auxiliary suction port and vacuum hose included for foot work
  • Adjustable suction hatch for precise vacuum cleaning


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  • Construction
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Dynaset HRVB - Hydraulic Vacuum Bucket

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