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The mid-sized breaker that packs a punch

The MTB medium series of hydraulic breakers offer high power, performance, productivity and safety. There are 5 models suitable for 7-29 tonne excavators, which can be used for demolition and excavation and any site in which the carrier machine can be operated.

All MTB breakers are built in house from start to finish in a modern state of the art factory in Turkey, this includes all frames, components, moving parts, chisels and heat treatments.

The benefit of which means lower production costs, superior quality and excellent lead times.

MTB Medium Breakers

Robust & sleek design with ease of use for operators in mind. Designed with the emphasis on performance. Although MTB breakers require lower power from the excavator, the energy impact generated is relatively higher than other leading breakers. Due to the design & working principles, there is no need for constant nitrogen recharge on site. MTB inner parts are not in direct contact with the housing, with noise isolation sheets & plastic covers, which reduce the noise from the breakers. This efficient noise isolation protection provides silenced operation on noise sensitive job sites.


  • Strong housing
  • Strong buffer support
  • Extended impact area on piston
  • Strengthened front head
  • Decreased stress side rod
  • High breaking power
  • Flat type retainer
  • Easy maintenance grease pump
  • Blank firing protection
  • New design thrust ring/tool
  • Big volume accumulator


  • Ground Excavation
  • Gardening & Landscaping
  • Earthworks
  • Tunnelling
  • Foundations
  • Pavement Repairs
  • Slag Recycling
  • Secondary Breaking
  • Sale
  • Spares
  • Hire
  • Service
  • MTB Medium Breaker Specification Sheet
  • MTB Breakers In Action
  • Gallery

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Send us your details and our experts will advise you on the best configurations and costs.

MTB Mid Sized Hydraulic Breaker Spares and Service

ECY Haulmark are proud to have been a UK distributor for MTB hydraulic breakers since 2020.

We stock genuine spare parts for the full range of MTB breakers and can service your mid sized hydraulic rock breaker on request.

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