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VTN MD Demolition Grab - Built For Heavy Duty Demolition & Waste Handling

The MD demolition grab has been designed to screen and handle demolished materials.

Thanks to the specific configuration, the considerable gripping force and above all the 360° hydraulic rotation, mean these scrap grabs can be used in the most precarious conditions, ensuring greater productivity without requiring continuous manual work.

Each hydraulic grab model in this range stands out for the reliability and the sturdiness of the body, made from the most innovative steel to support the most heavy-duty workloads over time.

The VTN MD range of demolition grabs have recently been modified with a host of new features such as oversized bump stops, twin rams on the MD210 and above, hydraulic dampening on the opening and closing.

The pivot pins and bosses are now bigger and stronger; the grab now has a larger capacity for handling material, all in all making the VTN MD hydraulic grab the most robust and popular demolition grab available on the market.


VTN MD Demolition & Waste Sorting Grab

The VTN MD Demolition Grab is available for excavators of 1.5-60 Tonnes


  • 9 hydraulic grab models available for excavators with operating weight from 1.5-60 Tonnes
  • 360° rotation
  • High gripping strength
  • 5 hydraulic grab configurations available for various applications
  • Reversible and interchangeable underblades
  • High loading capacity
  • Cylinder with brake system while opening


  • Primary demolition
  • Secondary demolition
  • Waste recycling sites
  • Scrap metal sorting
  • Aggregates
  • Quarrying
  • Roadworks
  • Earthworks
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  • Hire
  • Spares
  • Service
  • MD Demolition Sorting Grab Specifications
  • MD Demolition & Sorting Grab Video
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Send us your details and our experts will advise you on the best configurations and costs.

Demolition Grabs & Sorting Grabs Spares and Service

ECY Haulmark are proud to have been the sole UK distributor for VTN Europe attachments since 1995

We stock genuine spare parts for the full range of VTN equipment and would be delighted to service your hydraulic demolition grabs on request.

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