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High Performance Hydraulic Shears

Cut thorough metal structures & Pipes with ease

Trevi Benne, where innovation meets precision.

The legendary CS scrap shears, ready for their new homes on excavators, work sites and platforms across the globe. These shears aren't just tools; they're the embodiment of reliability and performance, designed to tackle the toughest challenges.

Each model undergoes the same rigorous testing, ensuring that they're ready to excel in any environment, from the depths of the ocean to the rugged terrain of a demolition site or scrap metal recycling centres.

Primed to deliver maximum cutting power while maintaining the precision that Trevi Benne is renowned for. Every detail is scrutinised, from the performance of the blades to the correct hydraulic pressures.

With calculated precision, the blades effortlessly slice through metal like butter. The sheer force with which they operate is a testament to the years of engineering prowess that have gone into their creation.

For Trevi Benne, excellence knows no bounds, which is why they've also perfected underwater models for pipe cutting in the offshore decommissioning sector.

Why choose ECY Haulmark?

For ECY Haulmark, the Trevi Benne dealer in the UK, it's not just a showcase of cutting-edge technology; it's a promise of reliability, performance, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. With ECY Haulmark by their side, customers can tackle any challenge with confidence, knowing that they have the very best tools for the job.

Our range of hydraulic shears are ideal for varying applications; such as primary & secondary demolition, scrap metal recycling, offshore decommissioning, subsea and underwater pipe cutting. 

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Trade Body ECY Haulmark are a long standing industry service providers within the NFDC (National Federation of Demolition Contractors) and the CPA (Construction Plant-Hire Association).

Expert advice Our sales team have many years’ experience supplying the right attachment to suit your machine and application.

Trusted after sales Spare parts always in stock for same day collection or next day delivery.

Unbeatable back-up support from our team of factory trained engineers.

Attachment rental Competitive rates on a wide range of standard scrap shears for short or long-term hire.

Attachment Sales Our prices include mounting bracket, hydraulic hoses, UK mainland delivery & installation and manufacturer’s warranty as standard.

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