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Multi Jaw Pulveriser

Trevi Benne MK Series Multi Jaw Pulveriser 

The Hero Of Multi Jaw Pulverisers. Experience the power and efficiency of the Trevi Benne MK Series Multi Jaw Pulveriser. The MK series multi jaw pulveriser stands as a testament to versatility, boasting a universal body and an innovative hydraulic release system. Seamlessly switch between demolition jaws within a remarkable 5-minute timeframe, eliminating the need for manual removal of structural pins. Embrace a new era of precision and productivity—the is your unequivocal solution for mastering the complexities of demolition with unparalleled professionalism.

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Trade Body ECY Haulmark are a long standing industry service providers within the NFDC (National Federation of Demolition Contractors) and the CPA (Construction Plant-Hire Association).

Expert advice Our sales team have many years’ experience supplying the right attachment to suit your machine and application.

Trusted after sales Spare parts always in stock for same day collection or next day delivery.

Unbeatable back-up support from our team of factory trained engineers.

Attachment rental Competitive rates on a wide range of multi jaw attachments for short or long-term hire.

Attachment Sales Our prices include mounting bracket, hydraulic hoses, UK mainland delivery & installation and manufacturer’s warranty as standard.

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Trevi Benne MK Series Multi Jaw Pulveriser

The MK Multi Jaw consists of a universal body to which different demolition jaws kits are hooked and is designed for speed and power with its compact frame and powerful single-cylinder. A regenerative speed-valve circuit speeds up the cycle times

Thanks to an innovative release semi-automatic system you do not have to remove structural pins manually and can change the kit in 5 minutes.

multi jaw pulveriser

6 interchangeable sets of jaws available for different tasks

Crusher (HC); Pulveriser (FR); Combi (CB); Scrap Shear (CS); Swiss (CH); (CL) Tank


  • 9 models in the series
  • 6 jaw sets to choose from
  • Weights from 620 to 8.975 kg
  • Excavator Weights from 6 to 110 ton
  • Openings from 250 to 1.200 mm
  • Reinforced rotation motor
  • Manual adjustment of rotation speed
  • Locking/unlocking control device
  • Speed multiplier valve
  • Interchangeable blades and teeth


  • Primary Demolition
  • Secondary Demolition
  • Processing
  • C&D Waste Recycling
  • Sale
  • Spares
  • Hire
  • Service
  • Trevi Benne MK Spec Sheet

Trevi Benne MK Spec Sheet

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