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Dynaset Hydraulic Scrap Magnet

Sweep your demolition site & collect tons of valuable scrap in minutes.

The Dynaset HMAG hydraulic scrap magnet is the ideal accessory for demolition projects, enabling quick and easy clearing and separation of ferrous metal from waste concrete and wood. Because the hydraulic magnet is suitable for practically all machines with no adjustments, its handy and powerful features come into their own on demolition sites.

Dynaset HMAG hydraulic Scrap magnets are available to buy or hire from ECY Haulmark. 

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Trade Body: ECY Haulmark are a long standing industry service providers within the NFDC (National Federation of Demolition Contractors) and the CPA (Construction Plant-Hire Association).

Expert advice Our sales team have many years’ experience supplying the right magnet attachment to suit your machine and application.

Trusted after sales Spare parts always in stock for same day collection or next day delivery.

Unbeatable back-up support from our team of factory trained engineers.

Attachment rental Competitive rates on our magnets for short or long-term hire.

Attachment Sales Our magnet prices include certified lifting chains, hydraulic hoses, UK mainland delivery & installation and manufacturer’s warranty as standard.

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Dynaset HMAG hydraulic Magnet

DYNASET HMAG Hydraulic scrap magnet converts the hydraulic power of a mobile machine into magnet power. It has an integrated hydraulic magnet generator which makes it a complete all-in-one unit.

The Dynaset HMAG hydraulic scrap magnet is the ideal accessory for demolition projects, enabling quick and easy clearing and separation of ferrous metal from waste concrete and wood.

Easy to connect to the machine’s hydraulic auxiliary line only by two hoses thus making it a true plug-and-play unit.

The Dynaset Hydraulic scrap magnet is a compact all-in-one-unit with some great features.

  • HMAG Pro Hydraulic Scrap Magnet’s tear-off force from 5,5 t (12t lbs.) up to 34 t (75 t lbs.) depending on the model
  • High-quality structure
  • Robust steel cover protects the integrated magnet generator
  • Standard delivery includes two hydraulic hoses and lifting chains
  • Additional quick attachments are available on request
  • No electric cable, only hydraulic lines
  • Available with claws


  • Collect tons of valuable scrap
  • The Dynaset hydraulic magnet is available in 4 models for excavators 6-70 tonnes
  • Compact, durable all-in-one unit 
  • Quick and easy installation 
  • Activated at the touch of a button 
  • Operated from the machine’s hammer circuit
  • Requires minimum servicing
  • Easy to use
  • Two-year or 2000 hour warranty


  • Collecting metal in demolition and construction sites
  • Recycling
  • Ferrous material handling
  • Metal separation
  • Using it in loading on trucks with material handling cranes
  • Allows using a single magnet on the worksite with all trucks and machines
  • Loading and unloading trucks, trains and vessels
  • Railway and roadside cleaning
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  • Hire
  • Spares
  • Service
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Send us your details and our sales team will advise you on the most suitable scrap magnet for your machine.

Dynaset Scrap Magnets Spares and Service

We are appointed distributors for Dynaset Hydraulic Products.

We stock genuine Dynaset spare parts for the full range of equipment and would be delighted to service your hydraulic scrap magnets on request.

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