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LaBounty MSD - Tough Mobile Scrap Shears For Excavators

LaBounty MSD Scrap and demolition mobile Shears are engineered to maximise performance, longevity, and safety with significantly reduced maintenance time. Applications include scrap metal recycling and demolition sites. The LaBounty MSD series is  the world leader in excavator scrap shears and are available in twelve models to suit the size of your machine. With its 360 degree rotation, these high quality shears offer the benefit of continuous daily operation and precise handling on even the most complicated projects.

Scrap yards across the world recognise LaBounty MSD shear as the industry leader in product design, engineering innovation and service quality.

ECY Haulmark are proud to have been the exclusive UK LaBounty distributor for over twenty years.

We also stock spare parts for all the scrap shears we supply and can service your shear on request.


LaBounty MSD Scrap Shear

The mobile hydraulic scrap shears are specifically engineered for scrap metal processing centres and demolition sites.


  • Eliminate expensive burning costs
  • Reduce maintenance cost through advanced design
  • High residual value 
  • Patented Reversible Saber tip
  • Dual Guide Slide Puck system keeps the jaw aligned and reduces jamming
  • Speed valve provide faster cycle times
  • 10-15% more power than competitors
  • Capable of operating at 380bar
  • Reliable, fast cycle times
  • Models to fit 3 to 125 tonne excavators
  • Increase profits by faster processing


  • Primary demolition
  • Offshore decommissioning
  • Scrap processing 
  • Sale
  • Hire
  • Spares
  • Service


"The LaBounty MSD2250R from ECY Haulmark was the preferred choice of scrap shear for DSM.

We recognised it as being the best scrap shear available on the market to complement our new CAT 6015B high reach machine."



Sam Kelly ,
DSM Demolition


"We had up until recently been running a Dudley shear in our scrap processing yard for around twenty years.

The decision to purchase a LaBounty was based on the fact we knew it would give us a top quality product and years of trouble free service."



Alan Waugh ,
William Waugh Recycling
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Send us your details and our experts will advise you on the best configurations and costs.

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