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VTN SR - Rotating Screening Buckets

The SR Rotary screening bucket offers high performance rates for material selection clearing and screening.

Manufactured with a high capacity open front “washing machine” style rotary drum, the SR rotating bucket offers ultimate performance for material screening and sorting.

The rotary screen stands out for the sturdiness and the reliability of the frame, built to withstand even the most heavy duty workloads. An epicyclic gear motor is used to directly drive the rotary screening drum.

The screening drum is extremely sturdy and features a conical base that optimises the handling of the material being screened, both when the blade is parallel to the ground, and when the bucket is closed.

The SR rotary bucket is fitted with an interchangeable mesh system, with meshes available in various sizes. A bolt on mounting bracket provides for maximum utilisation amongst various size machines. Made from one single piece, it has the advantage of being easily removed and replaced with others having different screening sizes (ranging from 20x20 up to 100x100)



SR Rotary Screening Bucket

The rotating bucket is suitable for topsoil cleaning, pipeline bedding and cover, composting, remediation of contaminated earth, demolition waste, green recycling, river beds, quarry residues, sand and dry soil, as well as in all situations where fine screening is required.

Five models of the VTN SR rotating screening bucket are available in the series to suit excavators from five to thirty five tonnes.


  • 5 models for excavators 5-35 Ton
  • Bi-directional rotating drum
  • Interchangeable meshes
  • Single-piece drum for easy maintenance
  • For excavators of 5 to 35 tons
  • Epicyclic gear motor
  • Wide range of fine-screening applications
  • Perfect for screening natural materials


  • Screening
  • Aggregates
  • Top soil
  • pipe bedding & cover
  • cleaning sand & soil
  • River beds
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  • Spares
  • Service
  • VTN SR Rotary Screening Bucket Spec Sheet
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Send us your details and our experts will advise you on the best configurations and costs.

VTN SR - Rotating Screening Bucket Spares and Service

ECY Haulmark are proud to have been the sole UK distributor for VTN Europe attachments since 1995

We also stock genuine spare parts for the VTN SR Rotating bucket and can service or fully refurbish your attachment on request.

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